BioDataAnalysis CellAnalyzer

Intuitive image analysis and data mining for the 21st century. Apply modern image analysis and machine learning with ease.

Fully integrated analysis, data mining and machine learning

Fully integrated analysis, data mining and machine learning

BioDataAnalysis CellAnalyzer is the one solution to perform all steps of computer-based analysis of bio-medical microscopy experiments. Based on the most advanced image analysis technologies, CellAnalyzer makes it intuitive to set up complex image analysis pipelines, while keeping your eyes on the image. The highly integrated user interface makes visualization of very large datasets a breeze. Automatic parameter optimization guides the user through the setup and ensures high quality results. And with integrated cloud and cluster support, there are no bottlenecks when scaling the analysis to any size.

To empower the bio-medical researcher, we make image analysis and data mining an intuitive process.

Connecting images and analysis results has been a notoriously challenging task. In data mining, this has put the individual image into conceal. Our software drives analysis from the intuitive understanding of the image. It allows for seamless navigation from sub-cellular structures in their spatial context to the cellular population and all the way to perturbation networks of complex processes. This integration allows for a novel analysis design where the bio-medical researcher is in the drivers seat.

Every assay has specific needs. Our analysis framework allows for the flexibility that novel research requires. With a full 5D image analysis framework, there is no limit with respect to resolution, colors or time points. A modern software stack delivers high performance storage, analysis and visualization from the ground up. Generic data handlers can integrate images from all common microscopes. And its easy to integrate your own algorithms with Matlab, Python or C++. This keeps the analysis flexible for the future.